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About Us 


We’re law firms with multiple office locations.

We’re lawyers.

We’re mediators.

We’re paralegals.

Full-time, part-time, moonlighting, operating successful law practices in a high tech office environment that reflects a traditional and established law firm.

We’re Mississauga Law Chambers.

We’re in the game.


We’re in downtown Mississauga across from Square One shopping mall.
We are easily accessible by public transportation and major highways. Mississauga Law Chambers comes equipped with boardrooms, private offices, large workstations, and three copy stations. We offer a complete and cost-effective solution for lawyers, paralegals, mediators, and other legal professionals seeking independence, autonomy, and community.


Our members practice at Mississauga Law Chambers 24/7 with confidence: the Chambers is securely monitored by a private security company, and by onsite cameras in communal areas.

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