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Available for 1, 6, or 12 month terms


Virtual Office: 

  • 24/7 access to the Chambers’ reception lounge, meeting rooms, boardrooms, copy stations, mailboxes, and members' waiting area Plus

  • Periodic access to a 5ft x 5ft personal workstation

  • A professional office location for your law firm inclusive of a physical address for your meetings, phone answering, mail and package receipt, and other office-related services of your choosing.


  • Work from anywhere, and only pay for the meeting room space when you use it, or have the meeting hours included in your package. 


  • A very cost-effective option new practitioners, or experienced practitioners seeking to have multiple offices in multiple cities. 


  • Complimentary: *massages, refreshments, social events, internet access, and CPD workshops (professionalism hours only).




*All massages performed by registered massage therapists on-site (chair massages), or in a clinic (full body); frequency of massages contingent on membership package.


**24/7 on-site storage is available to avoid carrying files and other office items to and from the Chambers if visits are less than 30 days per month

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